Beesknees Knee Pads

Beesknees kneepads are great for Gardening, Outdoor work, Construction work, Industrial work and more. View Our Range

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"This is a replacement pair for some I have had for such a long time I can't remember when I brought them. Possibly 10+ years... My existing pair has received a weekly battering over this time.They have lasted phenomenally well and only now need replacing as the elastic has stretched and the Velcro loosing its stick. They are a great product that I wouldn't be without and I look forward to using the me pair for the next 10 years" - Brent

"I spend a lot of time kneeling on rough surfaces in my job (Drain layer) these Tradesmen knee pads are ideal for my work." - Gary from Nelson

"Other knee pads I have used while working have slipped and limited my movement while in roof spaces. These pads are great I wear them most days." - Peter

"I bought some of these (Gardeners kneepads) for my wife for Xmas last year and she swears by them" - Ray

"I have been wearing them for 2 years & being a vinyl layer I find the garden Knee pads really great. One pair has lasted for 2 years & I 've worn them every day." Jetze Van Midden

"I'm on my knees working in a commercial flower venture and the are great. I don't get wet knees any more." - Linda Wallace

"We use B's Knees out in our shade houses when placing plants out. They keep our knees dry!" - Beel Fleur Gardens