Beesknees Knee Pads

Beesknees kneepads are great for Gardening, Outdoor work, Construction work, Industrial work and more. View Our Range

Beesknees Kneepads are New Zealand made kneepads that are light, waterproof and washable. You can kneel on any surface, even shingle, without hurting your knees the attachable kneepads are washable water proof and made to last one size fits most.

Beesknees Kneepads are ideal for every situation to protect your knees.

Here what some of our customers are saying

Jetze Van Midden - I have been wearing them for 2 years & being a vinyl layer I find the garden Kneepads really great. One pair has lasted for 2 years & I 've worn them every day.

Linda Wallace - I'm on my knees working in a commercial flower venture and the are great. I don't get wet knees any more.

Beel Fleur Gardens - We use Beesknees out in our shade houses when placing plants out. They keep our knees dry!

Perfect for me - after knee surgery on both knees it means I can enjoy gardening without pain, easier than carrying round a kneeler - Great Robyn White.

Great gift idea, I have brought many pairs for gardening, cleaning the kitchen floor etc. T Smith

Great idea wonderful for my knees. Especially in the garden thanks Arnette Irwin

Excellent for kneeling and potting plants saves using a stool or bending. Wendy Murry


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