Beesknees Knee Pads

Beesknees kneepads are great for Gardening, Outdoor work, Construction work, Industrial work and more. View Our Range

Maruia Hunters NEW!!!

Beesknees Knee Pads

The Maruia Hunters Beesknees kneepads are great for protecting your knee's from rough ground, stones, mud and cold wet ground. Ideal for hunting with the camouflage tree pattern, or can be used for gardening and domestic use also. 

Beesknees products are all hand made in New Zealand and have a 14 day money back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction. Easily attached kneepads are lightweight, waterproof, comfortable to wear, washable, durable, ACC Approved and are ideal for knee protection.


The small size is Ideal for thinner or smaller legs same quality better fit.